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by Wormed

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X Wild Alaskan Salmonella X This is the best album for inter-dimensional weightlifting. Favorite track: Nucleon.
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pabloream What a name for a song. Definitely some smart songwriting and heavy as lead. Purchase and support yo Favorite track: Spacetime Ekleipsis Vorticity.
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zirtonic It took Wormed a decade to follow up their debut record and you can tell they spent every waking moment honing their craft. What was once a decent slam band has evolved into brutal death metal divinity. Aggression with intent is rare in this sphere, and yet Wormed have it in spades. Amazingly technical and surprisingly conceptual, "Exodromos" is a must listen. Favorite track: Multivectorial Reionization.
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Nucleon 03:10
Expulsion Abstract vector space Electrons are totally ripped free from the nuclei Super-sonic interplanetary shock waves Accelerated the shock waves from supernova explosions Vast signals propagating along the straight lines Plasma · bubbles · disrupt · critical Radio signals (Something is wrong again) Successfully I see the giant circles galaxy collisions Huge clouds of gas and dust are sprinkled with bright Blue hot young stars Ultraviolet radiation secuence Incubating new stars Sculpting environment and gradually eroding gas clouds Dominated emission tenuous magnetic-fields Twelve-dimensional re-construction of Krigshu structure Propulsion trajectory estimated crushing force of gravity Estimated They said ‘good luck’ on the earth Intrusion of human feelings on my head Oscillations, the voxel shrinks cosmos background Cluster II advise the infiltration Duplicating my virtual operations first Cause: organic are fragmented
The call listener Entering the floating transporter The journey turned out to be a long one Physical laws are no longer exist Tuning last radio messages sent from earth Breaking the barrier of spacetime I shouldn't listen to them Solar system terraformed Unfavourable alternatives Testing all the elements Unfavourable alternatives Testing all What is the use? What are the worth, now? What is the use? What are the worth! What is the use? What are the worth, now? What? Through the arch of supernova who remains still is maintained unvarying in time collecting and compressing hydrogen From the interstellar medium thermal equilibrium I would have become extinct here Fardepth It’s all over · It’s all over Through the winding paths of the stars my feet never more will tread the land Distressed with magnetohydrodynamics This have to be solved simultaneously Either analytically or numerically Entropy of the fluid, element reconditioned Conductive and radiative pathways approaching · Source is clear Earth is doomed
Tautochrone 03:01
When this infinity reigns the order of this virtualized actual metaverse The final stages of evolution Will be connected by wormholes This is becoming a major threat, I’ve to mechanosynthetizing (my reactor) Atomic precision · It can only happen once the universes are aligned on to the curve Arriving at the same time Breaking the darkmatter barrier I feel like I'm being observed By an extraterrestial scanner It's not possible In a forgotten dimension Far beyond the void Cycloidal heterochrony This is my descent, under my non-gravity fusion torch Penetrating the membrane Planets orbiting me Penetrating the membrane Penetrating My HUD · an expanded prototype Struggling to find · every energy resource Power descends · bio plasma I need Radiant flux heads · meaningful answer gathered Collapsing hosting of voxel The end recedes Driving in to the oblivion Insufficient data found Broken Fragmented Lost
Grows old Red giant star Contracting the core No nuclear fuel The dead star layers expand Earth is no more 10 billion years Planetary nebula Fuel is depleted Nonlinear equilibria Inorganic compounds Catalysts of spatial dimensions In the loophole Supersymmetry Radiation becomes less efficient The photons thermalize Start behaving as thermal black body radiation Microturbulence in magnetized plasmas
Scatter electrons · dark ages reversion This is a bad age for the solar system and for this opaque universe Neutral hydrogen lights Spectral · absorption lines · atomic · transition changes High temperatures Prevention disaster failed Human vulnerability Inappropriately managed risk Supercluster of 200 billion stars Brane distortion Impossible resilience · cosmos severity Another big-bang is near Perceived a black halo Of those who try to escape Inverted nucleosyntesis Destroying all structures formed once in time Dominated by ionized plasma A new epoch of reonization Sectioning the four-quadrant section He knew it would happen He was ready forthis The ship begins the vortex mitosis Antimatter chargers are now full of energy Proteomic spec-trometer Warns controlled multiple and guided disintegration I take a chance to redirect the ship Avoid this sea of quarks and gluons Lengths beyond Planck scale Fluctuations. Disturbances Darkning inflation on a complex limbo Unidentified infrared emission
Unfathomably distant I have reached the borderlands There isn't any reason to stay here Temporarily obscured moving into the shadow The axis is far as the eye can reach This eternal hush aligned vectors Eclipsing my binary system I see the metaverse Black cosmos near ergosphere Angular momentum Angular momentum Propagating energy of this rotating black hole It's still possible for the voxel create a new structure For escape from the gravitational pullexperiencing the infinite the active galactic nuclei no longer exists Feeding the propellant with the gamma ray bursts Afterglow colliding Detected By the eukaryoticIntelligence It has the same chromosomes and DNA estructure No time to analyze this obstacle creating the portal Rapid brightening followed by gradual fading On this apparent horizon of infinity The black hole stop its collapse and re-expand Through his geometry flow incompressible fluid Supersonic speed This machinery is not ready for this speed Computing hypermagnetic Spectrum
Dragged into the positive azimuthal direction Extracted by scattered particles Escaping from the ergosphere to infinity Parametrization of the spatial profile Between the four homogeneous universes Lifetime is finite · dragging me severe Lifetime is finite · dragging me severe
Spherical shell surrounding the cores Explode in a supernova as their inert iron Cores collapsing Into an extremely dense black hole Hundreds trillions red dwarfs (stars) Dominate the photon radiation Explosion is beamed into two narrow Oppositely directed jets Increasing turbulences Amplification of toroidal magnetic fields By the magneto-rotational instability Nucleosynthesis · photodisintegration · burning of the stars Re-collapse of the universe Opaque matter in every direction Modifying the law of the gravity Predicted singularities Cosmic dusty plasma · This era cannot last Gravitational forces degenerate the matter Super out bursts vanishes in this gaseous environment I can't measure the amount of this heavy elements Nonlinear equilibrium involve the ejection Massive many star · star burst Spectral analysis: spatial coincidence Universe exploded Interferences
Quantum effects breaking the law of ancient chronology Protectors · accelerated · brane encounter Voxel core New mutation arises Bio-technological brain Trapped in a region Ever decreasing size I accept what happens In the negative energy Virtual particles opposite way Wrapping space-time Enormous tension for the voxel Biological · evolution · euclidean · geometry Broke down Biological · evolution · euclideangeometry Survival advantage Along the rotation axis Last cosmic rays touch the brane Partially responsible for my genetic mutation Falling outside the physical singularity Traversable type wormhole Forever through time and spaces Would remain on the horizon Dragging inertial frames assigned Photons.scattered I leave behind me a sea of radiation In a universe without dark matter Percolation: void universe emerges The conspectus: entered data In the future Falling outside
I am the involution controller I am the involution controller I am the involution controller I am the involution controller


Sun has become bigger, now is a dead star, no time left for the total Solar's System destruction.

Man has stopped thinking as he use to do in order to achieve the join of the collective conscience through extremely complex machines.

The awakening of the The Chryms, is imminent.

Welcome to all of you to the CONEKnity project.

You are one of them.


released March 26, 2013


Phlegeton: Vocals
J.Oliver: Guitars
Migueloud: Guitars
Guillemoth: Bass
Riky: Drums

Recorded, produced, mixed and engineered by Carlos Santos at Sadman Studios (Madrid) on September 2012
Mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox Studios (Helsinki) on November 2012
Music by J. Oliver and Migueloud. Arrangements by WORMED
Concept, lyrics and sound effects by Phlegeton
Artwork, logo and design by Phlegeton · www.phlegeton-art.com


all rights reserved



Wormed Madrid

Phlegeton: Vocals
Migueloud: Guitar
D-Kazar: Guitar
Guillemoth: Bass
V-Kazar: Drums


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