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by Wormed

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Mitch Mitcherson
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Mitch Mitcherson Wormed has been on my list forever and I’m just now finally grabbing their releases. They are as good as I remember. This particular track is still pretty wild for being a decade old or whatever. Feel like im wading through primordial ooze about to fight some aliens like in that video game DOOM. You can also smoke weed to this if you wanted to. Favorite track: Vortex Mitosis.
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fyeahmetal This EP's 17 minutes are a perfect length for experiencing Wormed's relentlessness. You get two studio tracks of well-produced blasting, an interesting electronic experiment with hard techno/glitch elements, and a live track that proves the band can pull off its insanity live. This EP is a great gateway into the current-day Wormed sound. Favorite track: Undeciphering The Inquantificability.
01. UNCOLOURED PLASMA ORIFICES TRANSPORTED Accelerated by gravity In this erupted dimension Effulgent lights emanation Geodesic dome disintegration absolute Massive transition without radiation Crossing the prohibited lines Emitted By meta stable levels Exploring the gelatinous surfaces Dynamic propulsion Of my old system With magnificent, convulsions In the atomic crystal, reflections Over the fatal status, tech-stone I’m an entity, collapsing in the time Transforming the new voxel Charged with tons of antimatter Blasting the holes of obscurity Blasting the holes Absorbing the last cell in this unfavorable corporeality Black density around and harsh molecular, unexplained phenomena, intolerance intolerance! Poisoning the universal matter, Gravity Electromagnetism, and strong, Weak Nuclear forces, are An united entity, flow Nuclear forces are a united! I have to escape of this Euclidean space Where I can test this fictitious impression of depth? impression of depth? In this machine where the reversibility is non absolute Krighsu! Krighsu! contemplates me Krighsu! Krighsu! contemplates me From the fissure Trying to avoid thy intellectual encumbrance Tons of oblate spheroids Tons of oblate spheroids (gravity) Rotating about the minor axis of this hole Tried to find the area under the curve a paradoxical navigability The number of vectors is equal to the dimension A new geodesation operation under the influence of gravity A solid cut off between two parallel planes Charging the orifices with my own proton-electron mass ratio Six billion light years away pulverizing the old plane Beyond the confines of your single galaxy Your eight-dimensional cosmos is right now succumbed Virtually unlimited
02. UNDECIPHERING THE INQUANTIFICABILITY Nonequilibrium Antinuetronium Non-neutron fermions Hyperoctant (quadrant) Negative phosphorescence Spectral signals compensation I’m the primary target Processing the future values in this smallest crystal Which cannot be itself decomposed Into two or more attractors Only over the bounded Regions of phase space Extremely low compared to what it used to be I see the edge of this dimensional cosmos A bursting forth of mechanical and liquid substances from a cell through rupture (of the) cosmic wall The second iconosphere doesn’t send signal, signals Compensation signals (My) telemetry is overflowed Entering with the analyzer of real time I feel a deformation of the cosmos through this passage Creating a gravitational kick, that would send the now larger black hole Outward fast enough to escape of this phosphorescent galaxy Out not fast enough to leave my overall galactic halo Individual components (are moving rapidly) Conduits are emerging from the ionized wall Ionized wall Values calculated by the modified bio-machine Ionized wall I feel no permanent changes To cellular DNA should be made Only changes to gene expression Prediction: Disintegration My cellular malfunction dramatically warp space–time Gravity of the hole gets the upper hand Releasing new forms of existence Own-quantum parallel existences The proliferation are forming insidious clones of myself My scanners shows an absorption fractal and complex spectra Storm of clones are floating in the hyper vast turbulences Prediction: linearization and stability of equilibria In a Cosmo-effective momentum


released February 15, 2010


Phlegeton: Vocals and Drums
J. Oliver: Guitar
Migueloud: Guitar
Guillemoth: Bass

All Music by Wormed
Lyrics, concept, additional FX and Mastered by Phlegeton
Recorded and Mixed by V. Brown and Wormed at Mantis Studios on sep-2009


Alien re-mix based on the original VOXEL MITOSIS by WORMED

Phlegeton: Vocals, samples and audio FX
J.Oliver: Guitar
Migueloud: Guitar
Guillemoth: Bass

Recorded and mixed by phlegeton in jan-2012MASTERED BY DP. REY AT DELTA314 SOUND STUDIO


* Drums by Riky
Recorded at Mountains of Death" Switzerland 2011
Sound engineer Serge Spiga

Re-mastered by DP. Rey at Delta314 Sound Studio

ARTWORK by Phlegeton and dmas3
www.phlegeton-art.com - www.dmas3.com

J. Oliver: Guitar
Migueloud: Guitar
Guillemoth: Bass
Phlegeton: Vocals and Drums


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Wormed Madrid

Phlegeton: Vocals
Migueloud: Guitar
D-Kazar: Guitar
Guillemoth: Bass
V-Kazar: Drums


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