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by Wormed

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Greedmachine thumbnail
Greedmachine this is fucking awesome AND the vocals are absolutely correct for what they are doing
DOOM thumbnail
DOOM Wormed really is an awesome concept with awesome artwork, and intense music to boot, I just wish the vocals were as awesome as the aforementioned. If the vocals were not so monotonous and awful, I would listen to this a lot. Favorite track: BIONIC RELIC.
fyeahmetal thumbnail
fyeahmetal Wormed's sound is at its most refined here, with a perfect balance of speed, heaviness, and atmosphere. Despite the crushing brutality, this EP is very listenable. Once again, Wormed save the best for last, as "E-XYSTEM://CE" is a proggy journey recalling Hate Eternal channeling Voivod. Favorite track: E-XYSTEM://CE.
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Cold matter will come to life again Biological systems · Cryptochrome Photosynthetic systems Chemical triggers Dance of atoms and molecules Environmental stimuli Dissipate into plasma Nanoswitch controls Portal opens metacodes Genetic firewall Cellularization In the quantum bridge Hollowing Starburst is collapsing polygonally Bijective angular mapping Abyssal tunnel Dominated slaves of technology Faster and faster Dark energy reloaded Entering the realm of the voice Abyssal tunnel It can't be undone Krighsu was called from here Now I'm inside Chaotically Banished to live Irreversible A square matrix Cultivation of Decay Scanners echo From beyond Entering the realm of the voice Entering the void
Violated instructions Quark combination of data endangered Zone Advise the status Going to get through the black sphere Colorless Vacuum light Rings reflections Everywhere Decrypt the status · Hackingubiquity Everything deleted at this point Integrated in computing Ease torque Third orbs Embrace of my prototrophs United · density differs Uncommon codes Cryptosystem trivially broken Ascendant defused a breach Perfect material Carrier of portals No Links: Unleash the fear Floating · monstrous gravity Malignant darkstar collapsing In hundreds voids Macrocosm Spiral No physical reality once it crossed Other cosmos beyond the spheres Substructuraxis In multiplied machines Transfigured a rippling sealed archetype Battlehacking colliding Outstretched · Pointing to each pit Trying salvation through escaping Unsuccessfully Decomposition · Deceitful Yield to naught Coexistence : contraption Reset · infringing the law · disobey Deluge of codes Aberration exalt
Space silence · evidence of war Monolith Nemesis of corps Defiance · Propulsive Stargate signals Slowly rotating · Massive Opaque signals Intake signals Portal of portals Divided in segments Spaces of unknown Piercing the void Leave the gate open To a new universe A GYR between each gate Survivor cyborgiron born Sensorial hums Nullifies my guns Betrayed trapped overwhelmed Resorbs my enlightenment Hostile takeover of my structure Beyond existence in a cosmograve Universal resurrection decimated With malignant accuracy Drowning in unnaturally Entangled in this ethereal realm Dramatically here I conclude Perturbed and ignited Endoskeleton deformed Bionic relic
Fragments of developing worlds Outmoded devices At the vector boundaries United in cybernetic immortality Underneath the time frame A photonic presagium Virtual AI particles Seventh omen fulfilled Metempsychosis interfered Inside a spherical region Seventh omen fulfilled We are not willing to let go of control Hidden on the nanoscale Underneath the time Inside its axis of rotation Layers of infected commands Desynchronized remains Hidden on the nanoscale veil Gaining access : exterminate Violently disrupted · destroyed Forming an infinitely large Chaotic scattered fractal structure Different topologies Techno-apocalypse Invader is defeated Physical · unique Transcension Transbio-morphosis B-life : is complete


"Entering the Metaportal. A nano technological war has been unleashed in the void to defeat the last sower of human life, Krighsu.

In a desperate attempt to help a galactic system in danger, Krighsu must access the vast Metaportal, what he doesn't know yet is the reason for its existence."


released July 19, 2019

Recording, produced and mixed by Carlos Santos at Sadman Studio
Mastered at Ultramarinos Mastering by Victor Garcia

Artwork by www.phlegeton-art.com


all rights reserved



Wormed Madrid

Phlegeton: Vocals
Migueloud: Guitar
D-Kazar: Guitar
Guillemoth: Bass
V-Kazar: Drums


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